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Mp3 My Own Mistrial Hotfile
LP Closer

My Own Mistrial (Songtext)

(2 Stimmen)

Lonely night, staring at the wall
My conscience weeping loudly
Was I right? Were you wrong?
Merging images
I should have known where we would end

Touching your seductive shine
I paved the way to bliss

Fall away, far away
Down and out, I failed today
Fall away, fade away
(Pave the way to bliss)
I can’t escape the burning eyes

Fire in the sky
- Peace I cannot find
Each and every lie
- Flames inside that
I cannot deny
- Its burning in my mind
Melt down in my own mistrial

Rage – invoking grace of god
The human part of a beast
Was it true – what I saw?
Bitter sweet selfishness
From white washed ignorance of our fragile souls


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