Novembers Fall

Novembers Fall

Novembers Fall wurde im November 2003 in Neukirchen-Vluyn gegründet. Schon Im Januar 2004 wurde das erste Demo... Read more


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PureHPureH is a slovenian electronic music group formed in 1993, when their first clips “Inertia” appeared. Before that they were gathering experiences as musicians in several bands (Extreme Smoke, D.T.W., Patareni, etc.) The group initially consisted of a producer and video artist. After performing at the festival Break21, the group was joined by a drummer, guitarist and bass player. PureH have appeared on various compilation cds, festivals, TV/radio commercials, World exhibition Expo 2000  and have received Bumerang 2000 alternative music award  for experimental music. The remix album Signia  was released in 2007 with artists KK Null, Eraldo Bernocchi, Surgeon, Chris Wood, Psychedelic Desert, P.C.M. and others. They release their albums for one of the leading alternative record companies in Slovenia.


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Mp3 Icarus  2014-10-12
Mp3 It's time  2014-10-12
Mp3 Vintage dreams  2014-10-12
Mp3 For your love  2014-10-12
Mp3 20.000 lightyears away  2014-10-03
Mp3 humans love is just a dream  2014-10-03

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