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Patenbrigade Wolf

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Patenbrigade WolfIn 1998 Patenbrigade: Wolff was founded in Berlin/Germany by Brigadier Sven Wolff and Brigadeleiter Lance Murdock.

They make no secret of their obsession with heavy machinery. Endlessly fascinated with what appears to others as the monotonous daily routines of a construction site, they early on became enraptured with loud and gigantic machines, the glare of orange safety vests, yellow hard hats, and striped cordoning tape.

However, the focus of their fervent adoration became the gravity-defying conductors in their seemingly never-ending tower cranes. It is exactly this bizarre source of inspiration that seems to have fueled Patenbrigade: Wolff and the duos zest for musical achievements since 1998.

Patenbrigade: Wolff is the soundtrack for this situation and remains dedicated to all tower crane conductors across the world. Enjoy!


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Mp3 Punk sein  2014-06-29
Mp3 Hand In Hand  2014-06-29
Mp3 Jugend  2014-06-29
Mp3 Konkurrenz  2014-06-29
Mp3 Superstars  2014-06-29

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